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Image Quality Improvement of PDP

 Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) suffer from motion artifacts such as motion picture distortion (MPD) because of the subfield driving scheme and the characteristics of human eyes that track moving objects in moving images. Until now, various methods have been proposed to solve MPD, but they have fundamental limitations to remove motion artifacts. We propose a new motion compensation method to overcome the limitation of previous methods. Our study consists of two main parts - ¡°Motion Estimation¡± and ¡°Motion Compensation¡±

 In the motion estimation part, we combine the block-pixel recursive method and a block matching approach such as diamond search and hexagon search with some modifications to estimate motion vectors accurately and quickly.

 In the motion compensation part, the mapping of sub-fields is decided in the order of sub-field weight to make the intensity perceived by human eyes close to the original intensity.

 To generate the optimized mapping pattern, we apply the optimized mapping table to the higher subfield group and the fill-up method to the lower subfield group.

 In this experiment, these images are taken by a digital camera with the shutter speed fixed at 1/60 second, and we use 10 subfields (1-2-4-8-16-24-32-40-56-72). The Gravity Centered Code (GCC) method only reduces false contour noise and introduces additive deteriorations such as halftone noise and flicker. The fill-up method increases the interference between subfields to critically degrade the image quality. The proposed method reduces motion artifacts and minimizes the noises introduced by motion estimation error and movements of eyes.

 Tae-Soo Kim, Yun-Suk Jung, Seong-Ho Kang and Ki-Sang Hong, ¡°Reducing Motion Artifact of PDP Using Motion Information¡±, IMID/IDMC ¡¯06 DIGEST